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Wenzhou Armani listings:

Emporio Armani Wenzhou
Shop 101 & 201, Wenzhou Huaqiao Hotel The Shopping Mall, 17 Xin He Street
Wenzhou, China

If you have been looking for a decent selection of Wenzhou gifts but to no avail, browse through our great gift section, where we have items ranging from photo albums to paintings to picture frames to jewelry boxes. We are located in Florence, the fashion center of Italy, so that people worldwide can access Italy’s finest luxury accessories from the top designers without being bound to Wenzhou jewelry. At Forzieri.com, we want to give our customers in Wenzhou clothing and accessory alternatives, so we carry a large variety of fine designer leather products, as well as a great line of men and women’s apparel. Being Italian based and dealing directly with the manufacturer gives us an edge on Wenzhou Armani clothing and allows us to offer you the most competitive prices, meaning that the prices assigned to our shoes, sunglasses handbags and apparel are significantly cheaper than any other retailer.


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