An elegant silk scarf can add style and sophistication to any outfit. From a designer silk neck scarf to a long silk stole, silk adds luxury and polish from sun up to long after sun down. Versatile and easy to wear, in today's fashions, scarves are worn as headbands, belts, neckwear or even as clothing depending on the look the woman or man is trying to achieve.

Scarves themselves date back to Ancient Rome where they soon went from sweat cloths to fashion accessories. In the 17th century, Beethoven was composing and performing in sublime elegance with a silk scarf around his neck, while Napoleon Bonaparte was obsessed with Indian silk scarves. Croatian mercenaries carried the trend to France where it caught on like wildfire, and soon men and women alike where wearing colored scarves to show their political affiliations and social status.

Today's scarves range from long and thin to large squares that can be rolled, folded, twisted and turned to suit your needs. Usually produced in wool or silk, they are one of the most widespread fashion accessories today. Designer silk scarves are prized as luxury accessories to be worn as garments or even as wall accents in your home. Their bright, rich colors enhance any environment, and the natural strength of the silk fiber makes them extremely durable.

Silk scarves are often woven into twill or jacquard fabrics and are subsequently painted or stamped with dyes of every color-bright red, white, pink, fuchsia, cream, black. The list is endless. Many of today's most popular designs for women and for men feature exquisite paisley or floral designs. Houndstooth scarves are also very popular. Top Italian and French designer scarves like Christian Dior, Valentino Garavani and Christian LaCroix are known for their sophisticated elegance and high fashion appeal. Emilio Pucci is known for his vibrant colors swirled into runway ready designs. Emporio Armani prints his designs on high quality silk square scarves and is also known for his metrosexual long scarves with edgy elegance for men and women. Worn as sarongs or to keep your movie star hair from being wrecked on the afternoon drive, silk scarves represent the essence of luxury and good taste. For formal occasions, it is common to see women with scarves in fringed raw silk or in bright, elegant Dupioni silk wraps. Although silk is a naturally warm fiber, in the cold winter months, silk wraps often have a silk/wool blend for additional warmth.

To keep your silk scarf looking spectacular over time, have it dry clean periodically and avoid washing it in water or drying it in the dryer as it tends to lose durability and color when wet and it will shrink if dried in the dryer. With very little effort, your scarves will remain beautiful throughout the years, keeping you as lovely as the first time you slipped it on.


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