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Parmenide Grater With Cheese Cellar

Secret 50% OFF Special, not accessible from our public site. Use code: PLATINUMCODE. Limited time only. Parmenide by Alessi is a cheese grater and cellar, part of the collection named Memory Containers. Alessi wanted to underline how an object becomes a cultural subject passing it from one culture to another. The Parmesan cheese is of course an Italian habit, but why not extend it to your table and use it on a beautiful and hot dish of pasta? Design Alejandro Ruiz, 1994 6x3 - 2 1/2H|15,3x7,5 cm - 6,7 cm HMade in Italy

Welcome to the home of international luxury where you can find the latest designer collections by Alessi including items like the Parmenide Grater With Cheese Cellar. We carry several items from the Alessi collection.

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