When shopping for men's shoes, it is easy to overlook the details that distinguish one shoe from another. The kind of leather, nylon or other material used; the craftsmanship; the particular construction used; all of these factors come together to create luxury and comfort, however formal or casual the shoe may be.

Formal men's shoes are typically black, crafted in patent or soft genuine leather. Styles can range from cap-toe to wingtip (a.k.a. brogues), oxfords to ankle boots depending on the occasion and the personal style of the person wearing them. Historically, wingtip oxfords were considered outdoor shoes, but today they are most often considered semi-formal shoes at the very least.

Semi-formal or casual men's shoes on the other hand have an even broader range of styles. Looking stylish in formal shoes and a tux is a breeze for most men since we just don't see men dressed to the nines that often. Looking cool while dressing down however requires some shoe savvy shopping. Some men prefer Designer Shoes , while others live in their athletic shoes. In Italy, many designers have come to a creative compromise in their men's footwear, marrying the two styles to create oxford or derby style sneakers with leather uppers that resemble traditional men's shoes, but with the insoles and soles of sneakers. Designer Shoes are usually in soft suede or leather that often vary from the traditional brown and black to include any number of colors. Blue and white shoes are common favorites, and it's hard to beat a two-tone oxford. Designers like Pakerson offer brighter colors including red, turquoise, yellow and orange for a truly unique casual look.

Typically, Italian leather shoes tend to be more flexible and more comfortable to walk in. Designers like Fratelli Rosetti, Moreschi and Pakerson have worked for generations to perfect their shoe constructions to create beautiful shoes that fit like a glove whether on a size 6 or a size 14 foot! One of the most popular welts used in Italy is the Bologna construction which ensures a form-fitting, flexible shoe that is a pleasure every time he slips it on or laces it up. Because they are made with leather lining and insoles, they mold to the foot and become more comfortable with every wear. This can be important for men with wide feet or with other similar problems. Leather loafers are often sited as having been invented in Italy-which makes sense considering Italians are certainly forward-thinking fashionistas! In fact, most designer leather shoes, Italian or otherwise, produce their most fashionable men's footwear in Italy due the wealth of highly skilled artisans and the world-renowned quality of Italian leather.

At Forzieri, we like to surround ourselves with quality and style. The selections we choose to put online help us create the world of luxury you deserve, full of beautiful products without making you search high and low for the shoes you want. From oxfords and derbies to designer sneakers, we know that even though men don't always let on, they're into shoes too.



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