Nearly any man who goes into the office every day looks in his closet or wardrobe and pulls out a dress shirt, but have you ever considered how many micro-decisions are involved in that one simple choice?

Men's shirts are made of four basic parts: the collar, the body, sleeves and cuffs. Some men prefer wide spread collars, while others prefer point collars, and still others opt for button-down collars. The button front can have a single overlapping layer with simple buttons and button holes or as is common in many formal dress shirts, it may have an extra layer of fabric that covers the buttons and the button holes.

The body of the shirt should fit the shape of the man wearing it. Most shirts have a boxy, versatile shape, while tall, thin men often wear slim fit shirts to avoid extra blousing when they tuck it in or to avoid looking sloppy when they leave it un-tucked. Men with rounder shapes should opt for looser fitting shirts and those with broad shoulders should look for one or two pleats across the back of the shirt to give it more natural movement. Big and tall sizes are often difficult to find and may require looking in a special store. Forzieri offers custom-made shirts that can be fitted to any man's measurements for a more stylish, designer look made-to-order.

The shirt cuffs can be fashioned in a variety of styles with one or two buttons. French cuffs are double-over and fastened with cufflinks, while single cuffs are not doubled, but are fastened with cufflinks. Barrel cuffs are found on standard dress shirts and fasten with buttons.

The fabric chosen for men's shirts is most often determined by the occasion. Standard high-quality shirts are usually made of 100% cotton, although some designers prefer to use a cotton/polyester blend because of its lower cost and durability. Linen and viscose offer breathability and tend to be more comfortable during the hotter months of the year, but wrinkle quickly and shrink when washed in hot water. Silk is also popular among men's shirt manufacturers. Silk shirts are usually hot to wear and are often reserved for special occasions due to the notable sheen.

Many men prefer t-shirts or short sleeve shirts during the hot summer months, but they are considered casual wear and are generally not worn with suits. Many modern men also like to sport funky designer shirts in previously unusual colors like pink or green. While formal shirts are still considered to be almost exclusively white, with the occasional exception for black, many offices have relaxed their dress code in recent years and bright colors and unusual patterns can be seen.

Dressing for success depends on a man's field and work place. Many top executives like more traditional button-up shirts with contrasting collar and cuffs and vertical strips, while men in creative fields like photography or Web design often express their personal style with shirts in unusual prints or fabrics. At Forzieri, we have something for every man. Authentic designer styles to custom shirts, we aim to fit men's varied tastes and style needs.



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