Men's jewelry has come in and out of style since ancient times. As far back as the Stone Age, men have worn bold necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings as signs of power and wealth and health. Around the world men have adorned themselves with gold, silver and copper jewelry with the belief that it had the power to heal and protect. They personalized their bracelets, necklaces and rings with symbols to ward off evil spirits and to bring luck and increase their position. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt used funeral jewelry as a sign to the gods of their position and to gain authority in the afterlife, and in the Middle Ages, men added precious stones like diamonds and rubies to their rings and swords and other accessories as a status symbol and to bring them luck. Napoleon later had a strong affinity for large, ostentatious jewelry, setting the trend for noblemen around the world.

While during certain phases of history, men have limited themselves to a watch, a ring, cufflinks and a tie pin, history provides us with vast examples of the strong influence that men's jewelry has had on society. With a little know how, men can perfect their style with jewelry designed to accentuate a man's look, whether urban trendy or Wall Street sleek.

The level of formality of the outfit should determine what kind of jewelry (ring, bracelet, cufflinks, etc.) is worn and what material is made of. Wedding bands are usually gold, white gold or platinum and can sometimes have small diamonds or other precious stones on them. For black tie or other formal occasions, sterling silver or gold cufflinks and a matching tie clip are in order. Many modern men have one or two pierced ears and often wear stud earrings or small loops. A gold or silver necklace can also complete formalwear, as can a gold or silver chain or ID bracelet.

Other materials for men's jewelry include leather, stainless steel, rubber and resin. Leather is a popular complement to sterling silver and offers a rugged, masculine allure. Tonino Lamborghini and Tedora have beautiful lines of Men's Bracelets with strong, manly lines that combine leather ad sterling silver for a refined, handmade artisanal look. Stainless steel is sturdy with clean lines and just enough shine to look groomed, whether on the playing field or at the club. Rubber and resin have recently entered the men's style fashion front and are commonly used for men's watch bands and bracelets in combination with stainless steel or silver. Both are strong and resistant to wear and tear while being flexible enough to be comfortable on a man's wrist.

From the rugged outdoorsman to the businessman downtown, a signature bracelet or necklace can define his style and demonstrate a part of who he is. Jewelry isn't just for rappers anymore, it is a growing denominator in men's style and should not be overlooked.



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