While men's bracelets have often been overlooked in the jewelry world, they are an ever-growing percentage of jewelry sales around the world. Men throughout history have used bracelets as symbols of power, wealth and authority-as a way to ward of evil and bring good luck.

Today, a vast selection of materials and styles offers authentic, unique designs with strong, masculine undertones. Leather bracelets with sterling silver bands or braided straps create simple designs that offer a strong, semi-rugged look without sacrificing class or masculine sophistication. Others made of sterling silver, titanium or stainless steel have a sleek, well-groomed look that can perfect men's images and create an authoritative, elegant style that doesn't go over the top. For a sportier look, men can opt for trendy new styles in rubber or silicon that don't tarnish and are comfortable on the playing field or at the club.

While in Italy, men's bracelets have maintained their popularity throughout the years, their American counterparts returned to common use in the 1950's with the men's ID bracelet. Crafted in sterling silver, stainless steel or titanium, ID bracelets consist of multiple links with a smooth plaque in the center that can be personalized with the man's name. In the 50's, it was common for the man to loan his bracelet to his girlfriend as a token of his affection.

Designer bracelets have imitated this trend, adding details like 18K gold screws or logos and sterling silver charms. Tonino Lamborghini and Armani men's bracelets, for example, are often crafted in leather and stainless steel or sterling silver and feature links similar to ID bracelets with their logo engraved on one of the links. Other designers like Zoppini or Makuti combine 18K gold links with white gold or sterling silver, creating bold, unique designs with trendy metrosexual appeal.

While some men might hesitate to give much importance to their jewelry, looks do count. Style and attention to detail count in business and in social situations. In today's society, it is as important for men as it is for women to be well-groomed with clean-cut, metropolitan style. The right jewelry can add polish and sophistication without too much hassle or worry. Choosing a bracelet that represents his personality and defines his look can give a man the confidence he needs to close the deal or sign the contract.

At Forzieri, we do our best to offer a wide selection of styles and materials to give each man the opportunity to find the bracelet, watch or ring that he's looking for. Our selection includes top designers and materials like rubber, stainless steel, 925 silver and 18K gold to help create a personal look that instils confidence to help you achieve your goals, because we know that when you feel good about the way you look, you perform better wherever the playing field may be.



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