The timeless beauty and durability of genuine leather have made it a fashion icon that has gone beyond designer labels and trends to become a perennial staple in the wardrobe of men and women around the world. It has been the ideal material for shoes, handbags, satchels, gloves and much more since before recorded history.

A basic understanding of the different grains of leather used in the creation of genuine leather purses and shoulder bags can help you choose wisely when selecting the perfect leather handbag for you. It is easy to become confused by technical terms that all seem similar.

For example, nappa leather (or napa leather) is chrome-tanned full-grain leather, usually made from kid-, lamb-, or sheep-skin. This process makes it extremely soft and supple, as well as very durable. It is usually dyed in deep blue, pink, red or black, but it can be found in other rich hues like green or yellow as well. It is often used in Italian leather products.

Italian leather is world renowned for its high quality. Many top designers like Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent produce their shoes and handbags in Italian leather, and they usually prefer products that carry the Made in Italy label. Other brands based in the heart of Italy like Coccinelle, Rodo and Tuscan's take advantage not only of the impeccable materials found there, but of Italy's creative resources as well. With one of the largest selections of high-quality artisanal and designer leather handbags online, Forzieri is an authentic Made in Italy wonderland for the modern woman!

Most Italian handbags and satchels are produced with full-grain or top-grain leather using techniques that have been passed down from one generation of artisans to the next. Italian laws are also very strict regarding the methods and product used to treat or to tan leather which guarantees natural, high-quality leather. Most of the handbags found on our site have been tanned with vegetal products that allow the natural beauty of the hide to show through and require top quality materials for soft leather satchels, briefcases and handbags of unmatched beauty that only become more beautiful with age and use.

When you are looking for an exotic style, you might consider corrected grain leather which is often used to create reptile-stamped leather bags or purses like Alviero Martini's GeoPrint stamped leather handbags. For an authentic exotic look, try a python leather tote bag or genuine ostrich leather dyed in bright colors like red, blue or green.

For a classic look that remains a fashion designer favourite throughout the years, carry a black patent leather handbag. Patent leather has a strong transparent coating that gives it long-lasting shine and a sophisticated, high fashion look.

A well-made leather bag can be a life-time companion and certainly always makes a chic fashion statement. (Take for example Grace Kelly or Jane Birkin.) Choosing the best bag to suit your style and your needs can be a difficult, but rewarding task. Of course, any fashionista can tell you, the problem is not in the choosing-satchel bag, clutch, backpack, shoulder bag or hobo; red, brown, green or blue-the problem is find space to store them properly!



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