Regardless of the occasion, a pair of leather gloves makes a statement. From motorcycle enthusiast to opera lovers, work gloves to fur-lined gloves, nothing beats leather.

Historically, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians wore gloves during religious ceremonies. Since the Middle Ages, gloves have been used to communicate. A knight gave them to his lady as a symbol of trust, while men exchanged gloves to challenge an opponent.

In Italy, the glove was already a prized possession among members of 13th century society. Naples was famous in all of Europe for its extraordinarily rich production of beautiful Italian leather gloves. The leather was soaked in perfume or poison, fur-lined and embroidered with golden floss. Later, they produced gloves of different colors like red, blue green and yellow and lengths ranging from wrist to elbow-length. Even then, leather gloves were indispensable accessories for the elegant woman seeking to match her every outfit or the dashing knight looking to impress the ladies.

On film, gloves have always been a symbol of female allure. Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth as 'Gilda' and Marilyn Monroe in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' have gone down in history for their sultry looks in long white gloves.

Today, leather gloves are used in every aspect of society. Rugged leather gloves are perfect for working in the garden or even working construction while white opera-length gloves make a spectacular statement at the theatre or on a woman's wedding day. Women's fashion gloves come in richly colored leather like pink or red with all kinds of linings and styles. Fingerless gloves make a bold fashion statement, while lined gloves protect and warm your hands in the cold. Among the most popular linings for winter gloves for men and for women are soft rabbit fur or cashmere. Driving gloves are often made in perforated leather and left unlined to be versatile for warmer months, and motorcycle gloves are most often thick black leather with adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit and good protection. Italian leather gloves are still among the most sought-after gloves in the world even today. Known for their impeccable craftsmanship and remarkable style, Italian leather remains an icon of good taste and refined style.

Forzieri offers a large online selection of sumptuous leather gloves in lambskin, sheepskin, deerskin or even cabretta which is known for its extremely fine grain and extraordinary softness. Most of our gloves are lined in cashmere or silk for added warmth and offer the touch of luxury that makes each cold, winter day a pleasure. Luxury brands like Bentley, Pineider and Dolce & Gabbana each have distinct style and original class. In short, if you are looking for beautiful leather gloves, Forzieri is the mecca of online luxury.



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