If a woman's handbag can make or break her outfit, a luxurious leather briefcase can certainly make a business deal. If nothing else, the confidence derived from carrying a fine leather case gives renewed energy and the zeal necessary to make the deal or sign the contract you are looking for.

To find the briefcase that suits your needs, you must evaluate the quality of the leather and the purpose that it will serve-soft leather briefcases are beautiful and stylish, while rigid sides might better protect your laptop computer. Top designer briefcases like Alviero Martini and Giorgio Fedon make a bold fashion statement, while artisanal designs like LAPA, Chiarugi and Pratesi exude luxury and fine quality craftsmanship.

Style is also a key component in selecting a briefcase to suit your needs. briefcases for men typically gravitate toward the traditional-smooth genuine leather sides in brown or black with 2 or 3 compartments for documents and a rigid handle. From doctor bags to accordion style briefcases to more modern styles like cross-body messenger bags-when form meets function everyone is happier. If you often carry your computer with you, a removable laptop pouch offers a great solution for keeping it safe when on the move. A briefcase with a shoulder strap or a leather messenger bag could be a solution for those who use public transportation or bicycles.

Leather briefcases for women often feature bright colors like red, blue or green. Designer styles come in models that range from simple chic lines in soft Italian leather to trendier models in exotic leathers like genuine python or crocodile leather. Leather dyed in less common colors like orange, yellow or purple often make a bigger impact, while fine details like buckles on the pockets or longer handles to carry the case comfortably as a shoulder tote typically give women's briefcases a refined, feminine quality that lends itself to a woman's wardrobe without sacrificing functionality.

Italian leather briefcases are among the most sought-after due to the high quality of the leather and the highly-skilled artisans that create them. Dyed in rich, vibrant hues, they are unique with an Italian flair for style. When looking for genuine luxury goods, Italian designers are often top in their class and briefcases are no exception.

Beautiful quality and genuine style make any leather briefcase you select a unique luxury to brighten your work day and improve your finesse. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Make ever inch of your look work for you in achieving your goals.


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