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Kensington Calvin Klein listings:

Lord & Taylor
11311 Rockville Pike
Kensington, MD

11305 Rockville Pike
Kensington, MD

We have something available to suit everyone’s tastes, and we carry all the latest designer sunglasses, shoes and Calvin Klein fashion that anyone could want, but straight off the Italian catwalks. We are always on the lookout for the newest accessories and apparel in the fashion world, so get access to first looks and information about sales that you wouldn’t find in Kensington Calvin Klein boutiques by joining our Forzieri Privileges Club. Being Italian based and dealing directly with the manufacturer gives us an edge on Kensington Calvin Klein clothing and allows us to offer you the most competitive prices, which means that our prices on all apparel, handbags, shoes, and sunglasses are lower than our competitors. All our designer handbags, purses and other leather goods are available at, so you can stop relying on Kensington boutiques to get the latest couture, and have it sent to you directly from the source in Italy.


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