Few things in life get a woman's blood pumping like a good handbag sale. Why? Because every woman knows that the perfect baguette, satchel or clutch can make or break her look-and that counts double for any formal, semi-formal or dressy evening look.

Choosing the shape and color of the evening bag depends on the style of the dress and the color and style of the shoes for the occasion. While the shoes and bag don't necessarily have to be the same color, they certainly need to have a common denominator-Swarovski crystals, beading, material, color-something needs to say that they were chosen to be worn together. Furthermore, they need to bring out the style of the dress. No girl wants to be overshadowed by her own handbag! If your dress or your shoes don't have any crystals on it, you might not want to choose a bag with crystals. If you're shopping for sassy little handbag to carry on your wedding day, don't hesitate to make the beading, crystals or lace of your dress to your bridal bag. Don't choose a bag with gold hardware if you intend to wear Silver Jewelry . The important thing is to maintain consistency throughout the look. If you choose to go vintage, vintage shoes and a vintage evening bag are in order. A look with unique lines like a diagonal hem or neckline can be enhanced by an evening clutch with a diagonally cut flap. When in doubt, a little black dress with a black evening baguette bag or an evening clutch never go wrong.

Choosing an evening bag made of the right materials often requires diligence and a little time, but the end result is worth it. Designers like Rodo, Casadei and Marc Jacobs often take advantage of luxurious materials like Italian leather and Swarovski crystals to accentuate their designs. Jeweled and beaded evening bags, particularly clutch handbags, are very popular in trendy scenes like Hollywood's red carpet and the Cannes Film Festival. Designers typically choose classic colors like gold, silver, red or black, but bright blue and green have been known to make the red carpet walk as well. Black velvet exudes a luxurious winter evening elegance and bright red satin is favorite winter, spring, summer or Fall. It all depends on the style you choose and the colors that suit you best. Dark skin looks fabulous with bright colors like turquoise or fuchsia and fair-skinned women are typically stunning in pink. Opt for a style and an evening bag that make you feel beautiful and at ease.

The size of your evening bag should also be a factor in which bag you select. Carry the bare necessities and you won't be weighed down. If your bare necessities include more than just a lipstick and powder however, be sure to shop for a bag big enough to put it all in without ruining your look. In the end, the details can make a simple evening look glamorous, classic or trendy. You just have to know how to work it.


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