A symbol of eternal love and devotion, a diamond necklace, whether simple or extravagant can be one of the most important additions to a woman's jewelry collection. Because of it value, both sentimental and financial, selecting the ideal necklace can be a daunting task. By following a few simple steps, you can invest your time, money and fashion sense wisely and select a necklace that you will love and a diamonds that increases your sparkle with its own.

The first step to buying a diamond is choosing the shape of the stone. A few of the most popular shapes today are: round-cut, emerald, square, baguette, heart-shaped, pear-shaped and princess-cut. The shape often determines the size of the diamonds available and the kind of setting you will choose. Diamond pendant necklaces often use several round brilliant diamonds in a pave or multiple prong setting to form shapes like diamond crosses, hearts, dragonflies, flowers, horseshoes or other symbols of good luck or affection.

Once you determine the shape of the diamonds you are looking for, you should consider the setting. Do you prefer a channel setting or a prong set ring? Do you prefer a solitaire diamond on a simple chain or are you looking for something more complex? Cluster settings often create a brighter, shinier look using multiple diamonds. This way, you can reduce costs (since less carats in each individual diamond cost less) and increase total carat weight. Recent trends indicate the growing popularity of channel-set baguette or round diamonds in the form of a cross, heart or flower. Another popular setting is the diamond tennis necklace that sets round or baguette diamonds in multiple prong settings to create a collar-bone length chain. Orlando Orlandini is known for its handmade gold jewelry with original designs and its creative use of diamonds.

Be sure to consider the metal that you would like the setting to be in. Do you want a silver or gold colored necklace? White gold and platinum are common choices for women who usually wear Silver Jewelry . Yellow gold is suitable for women who typically wear gold jewelry. If you have diamond earrings or a bracelet in yellow gold, you want to choose a necklace that matches.

Colored diamonds (aka fancy color diamonds) are also a uniquely elegant choice for the woman or man who wants a personal look that is one-of-a-kind. Pink and yellow diamonds are also very popular and have one-of-a-kind style and sophistication. Black diamonds create spectacular jewelry and truly unique rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

You should also determine the quality of diamond that you want to purchase. Certified diamonds come with papers that describe the color, carat-size, clarity and cut of the diamond(s) you are purchasing. The combination of these four factors also determines how expensive a diamond is. Higher carat-weight and better clarity are characteristic of the most expensive diamonds, while a diamond with high carat-weight, but lesser clarity can be significantly cheaper.

Once you have determined the shape, color and setting of the diamond that you are looking for, you are ready to starting shopping. Shopping online can offer a wider selection and often more unique diamond necklace designs than shopping in a traditional jewelry store. It allows you to see more variety and to compare more easily the style of necklaces that you have to choose from. Because of this you can make more informed choices. Just remember to take your time in deciding and to choose your new diamond necklace according to your tastes and habits. Afterall, diamonds are forever!


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