Choosing the perfect designer sunglasses for your face shape can be a daunting, but time-worthy task. With a little discernment and some simple tips, you can make the best of authentic designer styles that enhance your look and take your sun-kissed style to a whole new level.

The first step to selecting the perfect design for your face is to look at yourself in the mirror with your hair swept away from your face. Decide if the shape is round, oval, square, rectangular or heart-like. Have a look at the bridge of your nose as well. If you have a prominent bridge, consider choosing sunglasses that curve to wrap around the shape of your face. This way, they won't sit too far away from your eyes. If your face is heart-shaped, choose sunglasses with a thin or wire frame. Aviator sunglasses are the best shape to balance out your forehead and chin. Round shapes balance the sharp edges of a square or rectangular face, so choose round or oval frames. For a round shape, square or rectangular designs are most complementary. Those with an oval-shaped face are fortunate when it comes to choosing sunglasses. They can confidently choose the latest designer styles with trendy, narrow frames, aviators or even oversized frames.

Once you have decided what shape you are looking for, you can decide which designer image you like best. If you like exotic and trendy styles, you might consider sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli. Stylists like Christian Dior, Versace, Giorgio Armani and Gucci are known for Hollywood-style glamour and classic men's and women's designer sunglasses. Marc Jacobs has designs that included trendy large sunglass frames with aviator and wrap-around shapes. Salvatore Ferragamo varies from round lenses to wide rectangular and oval sunglasses. Other designers like Persol, DSquared and Web are known for their unique eyewear designs with original shapes and styles, while Ferrari and Bentley offer sporty sunglasses for men and women alike.

Choosing the right color frames and lenses for your skin tone and your use is also an important factor in selecting the right design for you. Consider whether white frames make you look too washed out or if black frames are too harsh for your face. Polarized lenses are the best for reducing glare. Choose grey lenses if you prefer to see more natural colors. Brown lenses show colors more distinctly and are therefore better sunglasses for driving.

With a little effort, you will find the perfect style sunglasses that will complement your look, whether sporty, classic or trendy. Choosing the right color and the right shape will enhance your best attributes without distracting from them. Never discount the importance of perfecting the details of your outfit. On the beach, in the car or even just walking into the office, sunglasses not only protect your eyes (preventing wrinkles and damage to your eyesight), but they exude designer confidence and perfect your personal image.



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