Nothing completes an outfit like a beautiful pair of designer shoes-especially Italian designer shoes! For years, Casadei and Rodo have dominated the red carpet, adorning some of Hollywood's hottest stars with sparkling pumps and jewelled sandals. In fact, even names typically considered American or French designers like Christian Dior and Jimmy Choo make their finest products in Italy.

Some of the brightest stars in the Milky Way of today's up-and-coming top designers are Italian designers like a.testoni, Moreschi, Pakerson and Fratelli Rossetti who produce beautiful men's and women's designer shoes, many of which are handmade in Italy in beautiful Italian leather.

The most popular styles for men's designer Dress Shoes range from sneakers and loafers to more classic Dress Shoes like oxfords and derby shoes. Oxfords are characterized by closed lacing while derby shoes have open lacing with the eyelet tabs sewn on top of the vamp, and the tongue is cut from one piece of leather with the forepart. A pair of Forzieri handcrafted wingtip oxfords has received high acclaim from men around the world. They were even recently featured in the opening of HBO's Boardwalk Empire. Both styles can be produced with wingtips (called brogues in Europe), cap- or smooth-toes. Italian designers often combine styles as well to produce modern creations like wingtip sneakers.

Men's Dress Shoes are constructed according to several philosophies. One of the most popular among Italian designers is the Bologna construction which produces a shoe with an extremely flexible sole and slipper-like comfort. The Blake construction, also common to top designer shoes, uses the same stitch as the Bologna construction to attach the upper to the sole, has a more rigid although fairly flexible sole. Both offer a sleeker, more fashionable shoe, whether casual or formal. For wide designer shoes, a.testoni also offers 'H' sizes that have a wider toe box and higher ankle support guarantee a more comfortable fit.

Women's designer Dress Shoes also come in a variety of styles. Rounded, square and pointed toes; from stiletto heels to platform soles or even classic flats or sandals-women love their shoes. Choosing the perfect shoe for your formal or casual occasion can be an event in and of itself. White, blue, red, black-color is of the essence. Choosing a stacked heel, a wrapped heel or a wedge, sparkling crystals or sophisticated fabrics like satin or velvet creates a newsworthy look. Red carpet stars like Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron and Claudia Schiffer trust top designers like Rodo to craft spectacular shoes in gold, black, silver or white with whimsical designs that will enhance their walk down the red carpet.

In day to day life, the perfect pair of designer flat shoes like ballerinas or oxfords can add enough pizzazz to make an outfit dynamic and sassy-even better if they have a matching bag! Sometimes, matching reds or blues can be a time-consuming task, but ultimately finding the perfect hue to complete your favourite ensemble brings pleasure every time you slip that perfect shoe. Even sneakers can be classy if you find the right designer to suit your style.

Forzieri makes finding that perfect style a little easier with a carefully chosen selection of online designer shoes for men and women. You can sort by your favourite color, style or designer name to find exactly what you need for work or play.


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