Charm bracelets may be one of the most enduring trends in modern history. Prehistoric men and women fashioned charms for their bracelets from natural objects like shells, stones and pearls to ward of evil spirits and to bring them luck. Queen Victoria brought charms bracelets to England's noble class and American girls in the 50's and 60's collected silver and gold charms as a record of memories. The bracelet charms each represented a specific memory—some with photos that could be inserted or charms that were divided in two for best friends or moms and daughters. Recent trends have brought back an interest in charm bracelets and vintage charms have increased in value over the years.

Most charm bracelets consist of more or less 20 flat links where charms can be soldered on with silver or gold rings or attached with lobster clasps to personalize the bracelet. Charms come in any number of shapes and sizes: good luck charms, hearts, buildings, famous locations…the list goes on. Charms can be collected to represent stops on your vacation or each charm can be a vacation itself or a birthday or special occasions like your wedding day or the birth of a child. Some charms are adorned with precious or semi-precious stones like pearls, diamonds, or rubies, while yet others are brightly colored with enamel or Murano glass, and yet other charms are engraved with special inscriptions.

In Europe, jewelry designers like Tedora and Zable craft sterling silver and 18K gold charm beads that can be strung together along with Murano glass beads to create a personalized bracelets or that are sold in themed bracelets—with themes like Florence, Rome, an Italian Journey,‘It's a Girl/Boy' or children's bracelets with clown or fun park themes. These themed charm bracelets make meaningful gifts that last long after children are grown.

Zoppini and other Italian jewelry designers make another kind of charm bracelet commonly known as an Italian charm bracelet. Instead of a bracelet with ringed metal links, Italian charm bracelets have flat links that interlock and have small springs inside of them that allow them to be stretched to be put on and taken off. The links are usually made of stainless steel with designs in yellow or white gold and colored enamel. Italian charm bracelets can be constructed to suit tastes and preferences just like traditional charm bracelets with small pendants and are in some ways easier to add to and change since the charms can be separated and reattached with your finger.

All in all, charm bracelets are a fun, easy way to personalize a girl's jewelry collection. Whether she prefers silver or gold, colored or plain, there is something for everyone. The trend has even spread to Men's Bracelets , though they usually have three charms or less while girls' charm bracelets often carry even more than 20 charms.


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