We want to offer as much choices as possible to the shoppers of Bakersfield clothing, so we carry a large variety of fine designer leather products, as well as a great line of men and women’s apparel. If you want the best Bakersfield Calvin Klein fashion and accessories from Italy, take a look at all Forzieri.com has to offer with our choice of watches for men and women, home décor, bags and much more. At Forzieri.com we are dedicated to making luxury goods affordable to everyone, in contrast to a lot of Bakersfield clothing, so that you can buy all your sunglasses, shoes, handbags and apparel for the lowest prices. If you’ve been looking for the right Bakersfield gifts but with no results, a gift card from Forzieri.com will ensure that they get the designer jewelry, handbags and watches what they want.

Bakersfield Calvin Klein listings:

2900 Mall View Road
Bakersfield, CA

2801 Ming Avenue Bakersfield Valley Plaza
Bakersfield, CA

3200 Mall View Road
Bakersfield, CA

2601 Ming Avenue
Bakersfield, CA

At Forzieri.com, we have something to appeal to all tastes, styles and ages, and we have all the men’s and women’s designer sunglasses, shoes, including Calvin Klein fashion from Bakersfield, but we import it to you right from our Italian store. Forzieri.com has what the typical Bakersfield Calvin Klein clothing stores have, but we make sure you have the most options available, all marked down to the lowest prices possible. We created our online shop to expand the realm of Italian fashion, however, we promise to still provide the great customer service and quality not found in a typical Bakersfield Calvin Klein boutique, which is what you would get in our Italian store. If you are tired of searching around for the perfect Bakersfield gifts, check out our gift lounge and sort through our collection of paintings, picture frames, photo albums and jewelry boxes.


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