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At Forzieri, you will be amazed with our selection of the finest women's shoes and men's shoes imported from Italy. Our shoes, leather bags, leather jackets and designer handbags are all crafted from quality leathers and fabrics by some of the top designers in Italy. In addition to our selection of leather goods, we also carry a line of women's scarves, men's shirts and men's ties that are well suited for any fashionable person. Our variety of styles, colors and fabrics ensure that we have something to suit everyone'w tastes.

Forzieri's designer accessories are a great accent for any wardrobe, with items like men's and women's designer sunglasses, designer wallets, leather gloves, men's watches, women's watches, designer jewelry and designer belts. Both practical and stylish, the accessories at Forzieri are a must have for the season and make a great gift for any stylish person in your life. For other unique gift ideas, Forzieri's assortment of wedding gifts, jewelry boxes and picture frames can't be beat. Forzieri also offers gift certificates so that you are guaranteed to give someone a gift you know they will love.

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